Thursday, January 24, 2013

Inspiration & Original Themes

  A topic very close to my heart. I truly believe that parties can be as unique and individual as the people we throw them for. For planners, if you throw an original theme because its sought after in the industry or forced then it becomes...sort of odd and unnatural. Inspiration is all around us. It's only limited to our own lack of creativity or lack of heart. My single biggest inspiration when throwing a party is the honoree..whether its a cherished client or beloved family member I try to take what makes them distinctive and breath that life into the celebration itself. I spend a great deal of time in the planning phase but an entire theme is often born by a single thought, person, garment, item, memory or phrase.  It's similar to what I've often heard interior designers say in regards to a room falling into place after a single piece ignited the designing spark.
 My grandfathers vintage boxing party was inspired by a story told at lunch with he and my grandmother that I had heard many times before about his younger years in boxing and a pair of old vintage boxing gloves. A few months later one of my grandmothers beautiful old pictures in pin up fashion was a source of inspiration for her party. Her beauty, exquisite baking skills, and southern charm set the tone for a sentimental peaches and pinups party. For me unique themes go hand and hand with the person that they are created for. The perfect recipe for originality for me is creativity + heart. Creativity makes it stand out...the heart put into it brings it to life.
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                                                                      See the rest HERE
 Some of my favorite themes that I've seen done for children are centered around their favorite book or favorite bed time snuggle buddy or a song they enjoy. The sentiment in these parties are so heart warming for me. One of my recent favorites along those lines is by the lovely Maria of Love and Sugar Kisses. She threw her daughter an adorable "fancy meatball party". How can you not fall in love with that theme!  Creativity + Love was the "meat" of this special celebration ;)
                                              See the rest of the awesomeness HERE 

    The next original theme I'm working on is a Mother's Day soiree. The entire event idea was formed from a single popular quote about motherhood.

  "A mother is a person who seeing there are only four pieces of pie for five people, promptly announces she never did care for pie. "

Stay Tuned :)


  1. Thank you so much for including my party Lauren! Your parties always stand out for being completely personal, creative & original!


  2. Thank you so much Maria :) I'm a long time fan so that means a lot to me! <3