Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Rustic Home Bowl Party for Evite, Coca- Cola® and NABISCO

Are you ready for some football? How about football decor and a table complete with sweet and savory treats while you cheer on your favorite team?! Either way I have you covered. I was so honored when I was contacted by Evite to participate in their Home Bowl Top Party Pro Challenge, sponsored by Coca-Cola® and NABISCO. These are such great companies to work with and it was an incredibly fun theme to execute even for this girly girl! 

Today I’m going to share everything you need to know about planning a Home Bowl party. You've cheered for your team all season long -- what better way to end a great year in football than with a home-based celebration with other football fans you know and love? Bring your game face and your appetite and we'll do the rest!

First things first, let's begin with our location! A Home Bowl party is a great way to welcome old and new friends into your home. The decor should match the theme but also have a very inviting feel that would make any guest want to make themselves at home! Football elements can be added throughout your home as well.  I loved the color palette that was sent over to me and I knew I wanted to use it as much as possible, so that was my starting point.

I also knew that I wanted every aspect of the table design to incorporate decor and items that I'd never used before so viewers would have fresh inspiration. I love all things rustic and vintage, so I chose to go with a rustic-themed football Home Bowl party. I wanted to showcase my designs in a room that also had a very rustic feel and sort of a masculine energy to further complement the football elements. Since Coca-Cola® is such a timeless company, I knew right away that I would be able to score some vintage finds featuring their products to display the fun glass bottles. I wanted to think of a fun way to display the product without simply setting it down in its existing packaging. Crates were the perfect solution for beverage display. I also wanted to add another timeless element while also incorporating Cola-Cola®, so  

I decided Coke floats were an absolute must-have. I wish I had one right now!! I also went with a natural wood backdrop for my focal point along with a simple burlap tablecloth. Along the front of the table, I added a ribbon banner. These are a great way to dress up a table. The options are endless when throwing your own Home Bowl party!


I love the idea of leaving your hostess with a parting gift! It’s such a nice gesture and especially nice if his or her team is not the winner! Nothing beats custom in my book. It’s an added bonus if the personalized item is reusable! I wanted a way to really incorporate the products I was asked to showcase. A custom football-themed cookie jar with NABISCO products inside was an easy winner. Once football season is over you simply remove the fabric for a classic look or go crazy and create your very own theme!

I hope these tips have been helpful for your football-themed events. I encourage you to create your own for this year's games. Enjoy!

Don't forget to head over to Evite and vote for my rustic football Home Bowl Party! You can vote once a day. Thank you for all of your support so far!