Friday, December 27, 2013

Capes & Crowns Year End Review!

  I remember a post I wrote last year about my aspirations for Capes & Crowns. My goals were simply to have more of the parties I styled featured online. We've come along way baby :) Its hard to believe Capes & Crowns just turned 1 in August! I can honestly say that at this point I havent had an event not feature. I dont say that boastfully. I'm blown away by it and I never thought I would exceed my own expectations. Little did I know that online features were just the beginning of a beautiful year! In early summer I was contacted by Pottery Barn to participate in their mystery box styling contest. Being asked to participate alone was an honor. I put a lot of love and thought into my setup and it paid off. Capes & Crowns is Pottery Barn's 2013 Stylist Challenge winner!!! I am also honored to have the opportunity to continue to work with them as well as Pottery Barn Kids!
 Online features are such a wonderful feeling but nothing could prepare me for being published in print! This has definitely been the year of print for me!! Another one of the most exciting opportunities I've had this year is becoming Party Style Magazine's head contributing US stylist! I look so forward to an amazing year ahead with them! I also had the pleasure of my work being in Occasions Magazine and Bird's Party Magazine this year!
 Finally, without a doubt, the single most exciting part of this year was making the COVER of Party Style Magazine's Halloween issue. To be able to share this honor with my amazing photographer and my first born as the cover model is something that I'll treasure for a lifetime! It's still kind of surreal.
 I can't end this post without touching on a subject that makes me....well...ME. Being myself, staying true to my convictions and beliefs as well as living unapologetically has done nothing but helped me in this industry. I'm very honest on my page. Some dont like it or deem it "unprofessional". I strongly disagree. You will never find me discussing controversial issues or current affairs UNLESS its directly related to partyland. When it comes to the business itself...good, bad, and ugly I'm fearless...I will go there. I'm not here to make friends or be part of a back stabbing social girls can have that ;) I'm here to do what I love and meet those of like mind that I can make REAL lasting connections with!  The party circle that I affiliate with on a regular basis is extremely small. I love it that way. I dont do party politics. People either love me or hate me and thats perfectly fine with me. I pour my heart and soul into my work and at the end of the day that is what its all about! I chose to let the work speak....and I hope it screams :) I look forward to sharing all kinds of fun adventures with you guys in the upcoming year. I don't plan on slowing down!!! Here's a quick recap in random order of an amazing year! Thank you to all of you that made it possible! Love you all :)

Queen Bee Client Party!

   This was such a fun event to plan. I get so excited when clients come to me with a unique theme bc its my signature! I had a blast executing the all of the details in this adorable Queen B bee day party!