Thursday, July 4, 2013

Capes & Crowns- 2013 Pottery Barn Mystery Box Challenge WINNER!

   Giddy. Honored. Blown Away. A couple of days ago Pottery Barn announced Capes & Crowns as the winner of their Mystery Box styling challenge!!! I simply can't find the words that even come close to adequately expressing just how much this means to me. I worked so hard on this set up and so did my talented vendors. The contest was a long two weeks. I learned alot during that time. The biggest lesson is one that really warms my heart. I have very supportive fans that enjoy my interaction with them and love my work. They didn't mind my constant promoting because they knew it was a big deal to me. I broke my own rules participating in a voting contest. I really don't like them at all. They are stressful and often times end up being a popularity contest. I have two reasons for taking the leap..number one its freaking Pottery Barn lol! The second is that I believed in what I created. I styled my setup with Pottery Barn's classic, clean lines and I felt it really represented their brand. I also refused to let my vendors down knowing they all worked so hard on the items they created for my setup.  My vendors mean so much to me. Not just the ones on this shoot but all the vendors I've worked when in the past as well. I wish it was possible for me to fit everyone in on one shoot but its just not. I try to even things out each time though so everyone gets at least one of the bigger opportunities just as a thank you!
   Another thing that surprised me was learning that there was a lack of support among many of my party peers. I even had two or three promote the competition...the worst part is that it was people I'd worked with before. Talk about shocking. I watched many of the things I'd been privately warned about unfold before my very eyes. Tragic. Was I surprised? Not exactly. While I may be semi "new" to partyland I'm not at all new to human nature. When people resent another persons opportunity the "ugly" can come out.  It doesn't apply cross the board though. The ironic part is watching kudos being granted to the "inner circle" for everything trivial under the sun to show "support" of one another but let someone else come in and accomplish something wonderful and its so quiet you can hear a pin drop. Such is life. I will always speak freely. I will always operate MY page the way I see fit in accordance to my brand and my fans. The frequent promotional posts really bothered some fellow party peers during the contest. I understand they can be redundant but so can endless give a way posts but you dont see many complaints there. Not sure if people are aware but they can actually unfollow/unlike if my page is not a good fit for their news feeds. It won't hurt my feelings at all :) I a very genuine person in how I conduct myself. You wont find me reaching out or trying to make new connects with party people in the middle of a contest. Its not my style because it looks like what it is. I'd rather have 200 REAL fans then a huge number following.  I'm not discouraged however, just the opposite. I'm been extended an opportunity with Pottery Barn and I can't wait to see their fall line and find out what exactly I will be doing with them. I'll be sure to share for you guys that support and encourage me! I didn't mean to go off on a tangent but I have to be real with myself and my readers. This was very much a team effort. I managed to win without submitting to party blogs or using party politics. I don't do this for income. I'm not even taking clients at the moment. I do it for art. I love it. Period. That freedom in itself allows me to fully embrace my style regardless of what is marketable. It also allows me to be a little more honest and true. If you are here to show support I thank you from the bottom of my heart..if not thats ok to. I still wish everyone well in what they pursue. Party on! :)

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Logan's Special Agent Oso Party!

 I make it no secret that I allow my boys to choose their party themes. I don't shy away from character parties because I'm pretty much a child at heart and actually really enjoy them! My youngest son adores Oso. He sleeps with him every night co dependent kind of adores him lol! I love Disney anything usually but Im not a huge Oso fan at all! The thing I did enjoy about styling this setup was the color palette. The teal and yellow with the red accents were colors I hadn't used in another set up and they were great together. This party was one of the smaller ones I've had for my boys primarily because we had just finished moving and I needed something a little more laid back while we unpacked etc. It still ended up being one of my favorites despite how intimate it was! There were lots of fun details that I enjoyed playing up on and lots of talented ladies on this project with me but I think my favorite detail was the fondant likeness topper of my little guy in his signature thumb sucking/holding plush Oso pose! Enjoy!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Mother's Day Soiree

  I love being a mother more than anything. There are so many amazing woman in my life that taught me what being a good mother is. From my own mother to my lovely grandmother and two precious aunts who are the definition of the word. I knew I wanted to do something special for them as well as the other mothers in our area. I decided to host a Mother's Day Soiree. My source of inspiration for this set up was based on a single quote that I love.  "A mother is a person who seeing there are only four pieces of pie for five people, promptly announces she never did care for pie." The quote showcases the selflessness that resides in a mothers heart and I wanted this to be an event where mothers were honored and didnt have to sacrifice pie ..or any other sweet for that matter ;) I also had Danielle McCann Photography come and capture Mommy & Me sessions so our guests would have a nice keepsake from the event. I went with a soft color palette and the decor primarily had a shabby chic feel. This event will also be featured in the upcoming issue of Party Style Magazine :)