Sunday, May 25, 2014

Cookie Jar Challenge for Happy Family!

  I was asked to decorate two cookie jars by the wonderful company Happy Family in honor of national best friends day. Sounds like fun right? One jar was to be decorated for my child and the other cookie far for their best friend. I fell in love with the idea and knew almost immediately what I wanted to do for our jars.
  My husband and I are comic geeks. We named both our boys after superheros! My oldest son's name is Kal-El. Yep, after superman! This project was a no brainer for me! While my signature is unique themes there is no way that I could I pass on what makes my little guy special. Instead of going really far out of the box this time I chose to make it all about him! It just so happens that his best friend Charlee looks alot like Supergirl. Many of you may recognize her from several of the magazine shoots that she and Kal-El have modeled for Party Style Magazine. These two are quite the pairing and love working and playing together! Best friends is an understatement!
   Once I knew the theme of the jars I just had to wait for them to arrive. That was the hardest part! When I received the package the first thing I noticed when I opened the jars were what great pieces they were. Simple, classic heavy quality cookie jars! They almost begged not to be decorated. Thats when the idea came to me to do something that could be reversible in a sense. That way the cookie jar could be dressed up or down according to theme or preference. I plan to change them out for the various holidays and seasons! I went almost exclusively with felt for my design. This helped me achieve a cookie jar "koosie" if you will. I decided to sparkle up the lids to give them a little life. The kids loved helping and the jars really did scream Kal-El and Charlee. Mission accomplished!