Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Mingle Magazine- Kal-El's Superman Feature! :)

 Magazine publications are not something you ever get used to. It doesnt become an expected thing so each and every time I have an event that is featured at a nation level I feel overwhelmed with gratitude and most of the time shocked that people are still digging my stuff. This most recent feature in the Jan issue of Mingle is my most special yet for completely obvious reasons. Its always a risk sending in superhero themed events bc they are so saturated all over the internet but Ive had this basically planned since my child was born and he IS Superman so I figured Id brake my own unique theme rule. He was the 'star' of this event in every sense of the word. I wont bother going over all the party details again but I'm posting the wording here so it can be viewed without purchasing the magazine. They are sold nationwide if you would like to purchase and will be on the shelves until March! Kal-El said he is available to sign copies but only my mom has asked him so far lol. He also thinks Marcus Mariota has a copy of it ;) Well he should! Seriously, this is the most special thing that he and I have ever shared together. Its a HUGE deal to be published before your even 6 years old. Its something he can always treasure and be proud of. My very last labor of love when it comes to huge parties is for Logan 5th birthday. I want the very same for his Wolverine event. It will be even harder to get that one featured because Logan is an antihero but Ill do my best to make it happen. Life for me is about making memories and this is something we will never forget. I love you Super and I bet a few other people have enjoyed "meeting" you after seeing your feature!