Monday, May 25, 2015

Alice in Wonderland

                               Styling : Capes & Crowns
                               Photography : Danielle McCann Photography
                               Hair and Makeup : Laren Lindholm
                               Caterpillar Costume : Rabbit Woods Design
                               Hatter Costume : Nicole DeVaney
                               Painted Backdrops : Bridget Wright
                               White Rabbit Costume : Meniain Wonderland
                               Mini Cakes : Gourmet Gals Cakes
                               Fondant Toppers : Debau Cakery
                               Cookies : Bake or Eat Sweets
                               Alice Wreath: BaBam Wreaths
                                Brownies : Q's Cakes, Cupcakes and Sweets
                                Wood Direction Sign :  Salty Dog Inspitations
                               Wood Table Signs : KDragonfly Designs
                                Table Skirt : Tunky Monkey
                                Apron Table Skirt : The Crafty Auntie Em
                                Moss Mad Hatter Centerpiece : Laced Paperie
                                Checker board hats : Will O' the Wisp Wedding
                                Paper Roses : Snooty Blooms
                                Alice Dress Candy : Edible Weddings
                                Covered Oreos : Sweet Party Favors


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