Sunday, March 30, 2014

Mingle Magazine Double Feature!

      I am so excited to have two of my parties on stands everywhere this week!!! Mingle Magazine chose to feature 3 of my parties!!!! I'm really having a difficult time containing my excitement over this! The 3rd one will appear in the summer issue and I will also be sending them some for fall! I received my complimentary copy last week. It was a very special day for my oldest son and I. It arrived on his birthday! He was in this issue as well for the Little Gentleman's Tea Party! It was such a fun day for both of us!

    The issue will be out everywhere by April 1st but I noticed a couple of places in our area had them out earlier! Kal-El and I took a trip to Joanne's Fabric's so we could enjoy seeing it on shelves :) My awesome friend and spectacular photographer Danielle and I also plan to go to Books a Million when it go for sale there! I'm sure all the above will be repeated for the Summer issue! :)
     This is already proven to be such an exciting year in the PRINT! Lead US contributing stylist for Party Style Magazine, Occasions Magazine feature , an upcoming Bird's magazine feature, and 3 (so far) Mingle Magazine features!!!! I'm so happy that hard work paid off. I'm most happy that I stayed true to myself. Partyland can be a real trip sometimes. People can act worse then children but this last week alone has made it oh so worth it. I love what I do! The negative,  non-supportive stylists/vendors dont matter to me any longer. They dont exist. My relationships now are with amazing vendors and successful magazines. Not a bad trade huh? I owe my biggest thanks to my fan page! You guys have been there for me every step of the way! Go grab your copy on April 1st and stay tuned for the summer issue release date! :) In the mean time heres a 12 page spread to enjoy!!

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